Sunday, January 8, 2012

News makers at NBA

Coach Westphal fired and Smart is going to be the next coach. Yes, you heard it right Coach Westphal is being in the news, for wrong reasons. He has been fired as he couldn’t control De Marcus Cousins. The result is he lost his job. According top sources, slow starts and a dispute with the Cousins in the locker room led to Westphal’ soustal from the team. It was assistant Keith Smart who signed a deal to become the team’s next coach. Now it is smart responsibility to fix the problem with Cousins which he hopes to do smoothly. Let us hope for the best for Cousins and Smart and Kings Sacramento will have a fruitful season at NBA basketball.

Bogut is again out of games for personal reasons. Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut is going to miss the second season’s game against Sacramento Kings due to undisclosed personal reasons. Bogut is a player with 14.3 averages and 10 rebounds. He had been out of the games due to an elbow surgery last season.

Magic’s Davis is trying to adjust with criticism in a good manner. While Orlando Magic traded for Glen Davis, they were looking for a player with Boston culture. After Orlando’ swin over Washington, coach Stan Van Gundy criticized Davis for diving for loose balls and setting screens. Then there was another reason, Davis made 11.7 points, 5.4 rebounds and 29.5 minutes. But after signing a deal with Magic, his points slumped to 6.9 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 22.3 minutes in first seven games. According to van Gundy, Davis was never a player who was “looking for offense .Hearing this Davis says that he has taken Van Gundy’ s words into his heart and will work over it.

Warriors have signed Nate Robinson as a point guard. So here is another flashy player along with Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. The Warriors made this announcement Wednesday night just before the game. The 9 time slam dunk champion is going to be a guard at depth as Curry is suffering from sprained ankle.

Another episode of injury as Kings Chuck Hayes dislocates his shoulders. Sacramento kings are in for another disappointment. Their player Chucks dislocated his shoulders. So he is going to be out indefinitely. It was at the game with Milwaukee, chucks dislocated his arm. According to sources, Chuck Hayes lay on the floor screaming with pain.

Heat stars Lebron James and Wade were out of the game against Atlanta Hawks due to injuries. Wade had a sore left foot, while James had a sprained left ankle. Let us hope that both of them become well soon.

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