Monday, January 9, 2012

Coach Change Brings New Optimism for St. Louis NHL team

New hopes sprung alive for St. Louis NHL hockey team, especially as they ushered in a new coach. Although they changed coaches only after being under a new coach for 13 weeks, the team seems to be poised for a fresh start towards victories. It can be interesting to note that the new coach, Hitchcock, mentioned how the team needed to play in a slightly different way than they had been doing under Davis Payne. Some fans seem to have welcomed this change, but most opinions are yet to accommodate the quick change, or find it reasonable. Experts however, believe that Hitchcock will prove to be a major potential builder for a side that has the ability to play more consistently.
The major improvements Hitchcock’s coaching can bring, include technicalities, and the use of the most optimal strategies in given situations. In a recent press meet, Hitchcock said that he firstly wants the team to be recognized for impenetrable techniques. He would love to hear fans say “that team plays the right way.”
Hitchcock has coached various teams for more than 1,000 matches. Moreover, the General manager of St. Louis, Douglas Armstrong has been vocal about his confidence in the new coach. He can play an important role in improving the team’s performance at multiple levels. Hitchcock believes that it will take much lesser time to get the team into aggressive mode than it will to make them improve their techniques and stick to them at all times. Achieving consistency for the team on turf can be more difficult than making them play with hard strikes and fast movements.
St. Louis NHL fans are eager about the role the experienced coach will play in improving the side. Moreover, they will be looking forward to the various aspects of improvement so that they can beat their hardest rivals on a consistent basis. That will inevitably place them ahead of most teams in the ratings every season. Since the team has a considerable distance to go before becoming the best team in the league, Hitchcock said that he loves the challenge and the prospects that lie before them.

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