Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Once upon a time sports was something that you played outdoors, you got together with your friends and picked out teams and played baseball, or basketball or football. As time wore on, you may have stopped going outside to play ball and instead you played on the computer, Nintendo, Play Station etc. The video wasn’t great but you could enjoy the feeling of playing, the years passed and now you can play with a Wii or a Kinect or Virtual reality and actually swing at a pitch, shoot a basket and throw a football, all without actually having to touch a ball or leave your living room.

Casino play has evolved in a similar fashion. Once upon a time you had to get your buddies together and take a road trip Vegas, then smaller Casino’s started popping up all over the U.S. and maybe you didn’t have to travel as far. As the Internet grew and got more powerful, online casinos started forming. Now you can play your favorite casino games online. Downloading the software takes a few minutes, create an account and BAM, you can win money.

Some online casino’s decided it was time for more progress and they teamed up with land based casinos, and placed a video hookup from the casino to the online casino, and now you can play live dealer casino. If you want to see a live ball bouncing around when you’re playing roulette, you can play live roulette, and then you don’t have to trust the Random Number Generator system that most online casino use, because you can see a real ball bouncing around on the wheel. Playing Live Dealer might even be better than actually being there, no need to get dressed up, drive out to the casino, and no need to trust a computer based numbers system

I do see where there is room for growth in the video sports world, but I can’t guess what the online casinos will come up with next.


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