Monday, January 9, 2012

Matt Kemp’s Latest Improvements and Triumphs

Matt Kemp has always been regarded as a major name in the LA Dodgers MLB team. Affectionately called the ‘Bison’, Kemp has been known for his size and a surprising speed in spite of his large built. The 6-foot 3-inch center fielder has been a valuable asset, and with his age only at 27, the player seems to have a lot of steam left for whichever side wants him. Kemp started the year 2011 with an announcement that he would make 40 base steals. He was successful and also coupled it up with a low catch conceding record of 11. Kemp has also been a recipient of many rewards. Since September 2011, he has been consistently performing and receiving accolades from multiple sources and patrons of the baseball league.
Kemp had been recognized for exceptional leadership qualities. He won the 2011 Roy Campanella Award, and became one of the dependable leaders in baseball at a young age. This will definitely pave the way for him to be a major stakeholder in the race for high positions such as managers and coaches in the future. Kemp has also become a major inspiration for young players through this time in 2011, and now has a stature of high respectability in spite of most other players in the Dodgers being older to him. Featuring in all-star games and other exhibition events earlier in the year, he had already proven that he is comparable to the legends of today.
Kemp hit 39 home runs in 2011 alone. This is a record that surpasses all players since 1941, when the only person to play that well was the respected Dolph Camilli. Winning the Player of the Week award in the third week of September, there seemed to be nothing strong enough to stop the ‘Bison’ from becoming a legendary player soon. A hitting score of .4 plus ensured that he be recognized as a major name in modern baseball, and not only in his team. In the month of October, he became one of the few players to have won membership in the National League All-Star Team under Sporting News. His latest triumph came as he won the Players Choice Award in the first week of November 2011.

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