Monday, January 9, 2012

Hayes took another blow from Drew Gooden a night after Chris Andersen’s Charge

Hayes stretched his left arm when he fouled Milwaukee center Gooden in second quarter of Thursday’s game, but he did not realized how much this foul will cost him. Somehow, his arm got entangled with Drew Gooden and all of a sudden his shoulder got dislocated and pooped out. Now, it seems that he will be out from the team indefinitely and the injury will prove to be pretty costly for him in this season. The moment this happened Hayes laid on the floor wriggling in a lot of pain and his screams could be heard clearly because the stunned audience stood their in all silence.
Even the sidelines echoed with his screams. Then Hayes walked inside himself holding his injured arm with all this might. One of the Kings representatives confirmed the news that Hayes has dislocated his shoulder and also informed about other tests as well. He told about a heart examination, which has showed some abnormality and for this further test will be conducted and thus this news also confirmed that the contract he has signed in December will become void. Just a few days later on, forward-center signed a new contract with Sacramento.
Until now, nothing can be said about the time of Hayes recovery and when will he able to play again on the court. This is a tragic scene for his fans, as the 6.6-foot tall and 250 pound strong veteran is known for his rugged and defensive play and also earns a hefty salary for his play. However, the disastrous collision on Thursday with Drew Gooden sent him straight to the floor howling in pain and sidelined him for the left of the match in that evening. It has been just a night when Hayes overtook the charge from Chris Andersen from Denver Nuggets and then came the shocking collision again sending Hayes on to the floor with a painful injury.
Afterwards Hayes commented that the charge from Birdman was comparatively more painful than earlier ones he has taken. He was also sure that the injury would not affect his style of playing, no matter how much pain he has to suffer because of the shoulder dislocation. Hayes is one of those players, who count his charges and collisions, unlike players, who rank their dunks and biggest shots. It seems that the charges are charging him up and making him a more aggressive and sturdy player. For, now the fans will just have to wait for his recovery.

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