Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream of Being a Pro Golfer

It was not the easiest road to walk over:-Justin Hicks

He is now 36 years of age, but his adamant to chase the dream of being the pro golfer. Hicks born in Wyandolte, which is some miles distance from Detroit, further moved to Florida and then he started his journey and this will continue till the upcoming year on PGA.

Hicks says that it’s not possible for him to forget all his struggle life which includes six years of working at course and help to pay expenses at a designation of pro golfer. After the long shift at the pro shop, he could course sharp at 6 p.m. at play.
Hick’s further say that he used to wait till the last carts was in; this made him to spend some time extra on the play. He had this dream in his eyes from that time and he wanted to work over it but he has no any idea to get it.

Hicks need to improve him little more

Every year Hicks has improved his confident level as being a player and also as a golfer, and he thinks that this is the point he is certainly ready for PGA Tour.
Year ago, he has changed his grip to handed cross and this has helped him to get a feel of a greens. He is not all about to be sitting around and then rest on his accomplishments, he is now competing for the final stage at q-school in this week and he is trying his status to be improved.

Justin calls himself a late bloomer

On PGA tour-2011, so many players will win their 40s and 50s, Justin Hicks thinks that he is at a perfect age to make his move on PGA Tour and for this he really have to work hard if he wants succeed. He says that he has seen lots of guys with can’t miss who came out. He says that he has not been the front runner in any stage of his carries and he is just on his learning curve. He observed many American players who trying for next level but they could not.

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