Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cancellara Owns Flanders

Moving Forward in Style
Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland has completed the full set of the spring classics by winning the coveted Tour of Flanders. This was a major achievement that adds to Cancellara’s glowing list of accomplishments. The second place was snapped up by Tom Boonen while the third was still retained by the Belgians with Philippe Gilbert taking the honors. The journey was quite something and measured at about two hundred and sixty two kilometers. This is enough to test anybody in any conditions. It runs from Brugge right through to Ninove. This marks the ninety fourth edition of this prestigious race.
Cancellara rides for the Team Saxo Bank and has now become the eleventh player to achieve this kind of success in the races. He won the Milan San Remo in 2008 as well as the Paris Roubaix two years before. This is the penultimate stop in the long trek surrounding the Belgium terrain in the North. The bookies regarded both Boonen and Cancellara as joint favorites. The dram was realized when both participants went into a head to head situation. This is right about the time that they had reached the Molenberg climb. With forty five kilometers remaining, the participants had to duel for the first place. Cancellara ended up taking the honors to add his other titles.
These two resourceful players had an advantage pace of over a minute ahead of the next group behind them. Cancellara did not let up and he upped his game until he was able to surge ahead towards the summit at Kapelmuur point. This was the point at which they were expecting to have less than fifteen kilometers left to cover. The finish line was at 6 hours, twenty five minutes and thirty two seconds. This was quicker than the time made by Boonen by up to seventy four seconds. Gilbert and Bjorn then raced for the third place and Gilbert was the victor in the end. At twenty nine, the twenty nine year old Cancellara has made his hometown of Wohlen proud by virtue of his explosive achievements. An exciting race ended with an exciting winner.

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