Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting drama into a steady sport

There have been some sporadic incidents of drama in a sport that is determined to remain normal despite everything. Joel Ward is now playing with the Predators but he still remembers an incident that happened six months ago and shook the world that is this sport to the core. It was one of the more important phases of the delivery of the sort of picture that can make a difference to the handling of the game. These incidents of some drama make the NHL Hockey league look interesting even for the new entrants into the fan base. There is something compelling about a game that is finished in the last minutes of its execution. It is not as if the client is attempting to deal with a game that is changing hands. They are simply delivering the best results for the game according to the heat of the moment.
In that incident Patrick Kane was trying to get his Blackhawks to the top through a short hand goal. There were just about thirteen seconds left in the first round of the playoff series. Marian Hossa then scored in overtime to give the fans some sort of heart attack. The predators then ended the season in game six. This was one of the best games in that season. It was a battle of wills and nerves. Many people felt that the best man won in all the circumstances. It remains to be seen whether this effort can be replicated across the spectrum of games. It will make a difference to the way that the issues are handled.
There were opportunities to sort of avenge this incident in a dramatic night with a three to two victory at the United Center Ice. The Nashville team was left in tatters. Of course it is such high powered games that make all the difference to the perception of the game in general. The revenge was equally dramatic so the fans got a good measure of a great game in climatic scenes. That is why they pay good money to see NHL Hockey. It is to watch such drama.

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