Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NBA’s quest for glory

NBA with the successful domination in US sports history, started unveiling its plans to expand its market and viewer ship across the world and thus emerge as the leading sport across the world. In the first of its kind NBA is bringing two of its franchises to UK in the footsteps of the New Jersey Nets and Miami Heat in the London last autumn. With the success of that game NBA again plans to host the game between Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls at the same venue.

NBA is just following the way NFL made a name for itself in the European and global markets for its football sport over the previous years. NBA implemented the same idea to gain entry into the European markets and at the same time please their fans. Until now of all the US sporting federations, only National Basketball Association or NBA neglected and ignored the huge global markets. This time NBA even set up office in London exclusively to look after the expansion strategies in the country.

The talk of the ‘39th game’ is indicative of the paradigm shift in the outlook of how NBA views the market now and in previous instances. Their shift is due to the success of the player of Asian origin-the Chinese star Yao Ming. His success for Houston Rockets in the NBA frenzied the Chinese and subsequently NBA decided to cash in on the Chinese interest generated in the sport thus paving way for the opening of office in China. The success of the Chinese venture emboldened NBA to look at new international markets.

The same is the case with London markets. They roped in Luol Deng who of Sudanese origin representing Chicago Bulls. He is from London. This enables to create interest in people of UK and in particular London. Now it all boils down to the interest generated in the match between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz. As this is the unofficial fixture one should be cautious on the response it draws from the crowd. But with the local sport persons playing in the games, naturally people’s interest will be drawn towards the sports.

So depending on the success of its matches across the world, one can expect NBA opening up new offices across the globe to cash in on its growing popularity across the world by encouraging local talents. One need not be surprised if NBA decides to organize a match in their place or opens a new office in its expansion drive. People will be definitely excited by the new NBA initiative, as with the wide reach of the sports channels they will be eagerly watching each and every initiative NBA takes to gain people’s popularity.