Thursday, October 8, 2009

Capitals win over Bruins in opener

The Washington Capitals are up with a good start as they defeated the Boston Bruins in their season opener game Thursday night with a score of 4-1.
The Most Valuable Player of NHL for two times in a row, Alex Ovechkin, piloted the Capitals’ play that led to their victory. He had two goals and an assist during the game. His teammate, Jose Theodore, stopped 19 shots during the game that made it even harder for the Bruins to score.
Dennis Wideman, Bruins defenseman, said that Ovechkin is really the league’s superstar that works very hard and also hits strongly. He even compared Ovechkin to Rafael Nadal.
Other members of the team performed great during the play as well. Brooks Laich had two goals and an assist. Alexander Semin had two assists while Nicklas Backstrom had three.
The Capitals led the game during the second period as Semin had a drop pass to Ovechkin and made it right through Tim Thomas.
Ovechkin also said that the second goal on the second period was a big shoot. He also added that their defense was great during the play.
Bruins coach, Claude Julien, mentioned that they only had the worst condition for their best players during the game. He further said that they do not want to take away the credit from Ovechkin for doing great last time but there are still a lot of things to expect from their players if the condition turned out to be healthy for the Bruins.
Both teams won their own divisions during the previous season but did not further make it in the game because of their individual opponents. Boston did not grab the title last year after being defeated by Carolina while Washington was dumped by the last season’s champion the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ovechkin just stated that their team wants to bounce back this time. They want to defeat everybody else and become the best team this season.
Julien just ended the night by saying that after their defeat, Bruins will even got better and that the Capitals and other teams should look after that.
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