Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Iverson’s Sad Move and Yet Another

Such a bad season, were the thoughts of ex-Denver player, Allen Iverson. He initially felt the move to Detroit would be a good shift, and make things look better for his career. He also believed then that his dream to be a part of the championship team would come true, but he slowly realized that being traded to Detroit was having adverse effects to his career.

Since he was drafted after his college years, as a rookie player, he has always been in the starting lineup for all the games he had played, eight hundred twenty four out of eight hundred twenty nine games. As a scoring player, he is considered the “Go To Guy”. Considered one of the most important players of the team, critical shots have always been given to him, to make the final shot. There was even a season, when he played for Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and won the top most individual award in the NBA league as MVP, Most Valuable Player.

In a frank and honest interview with Allen Iverson, he voiced out his sentiments regarding his trade to another team.

Initially, when the trade was made, he was promised he would be in the starting lineup. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. What is happening is that he is considered a ‘coming off the bench’ player, or the ‘sixth man’ instead.

He was quoted saying that the team promised that he would be in the starting five, and was even told that they would never disrespect him and his career. Sad to say though, he is coming off the bench now behind Rip. He was even told that if he didn’t come off the bench, his teammates would not cooperate on set place and game plan. As soon as he got the message, he felt really low and considered this the worst career move he has even done.

Now having signed up with Memphis for a one year contract, he feels that although this is a lose-lose situation, he will be doing his best to win games with the team.

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