Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beckham Confidence Play against Fire

CARSON, Calif. – David Beckham, the star player for Galaxy team is now practicing with his team although he is still under observation for his inflamed right Achilles tendon. But this injury will not keep him from playing against the Chicago Fire on Friday night and with postseason coming, the team is now ready to fight it out with him.

After the team’s last Thursday’s practice, Beckham is now 100 percent ready and he does not see any reason why he would not be in the game. His everyday training has put him in shape and it does him good too. Although the practice was hard for him he does not see any problem for tomorrow’s game.

Since 2005 when Los Angeles won the Major League Soccer Cup, the team is once again on the edge of qualifying for another MLS trophy. Beckham came to the team in 2007 and this is the team’s first chance on victory for the postseason since having him.

However, Bruce Arena, Galaxy coach said he will remain very careful with his approach and will still observe Beckham because his star player is still under assessment and still checking on how he will react with his training. The whole team though is expecting he will be able to play because they have seen his improvement as compared to last week’s practice. Every member of the team is expecting Beckham to do his part although there will be lots of cautions with how he can handle his injury.

If DC United loses their battle against Chivas USA on Friday, Chivas will definitely have the most chances in reaching the MLS playoffs and will qualify for Saturday night’s game. For the record, Chicago and Los Angeles have both 41 points each. However, Mexican star and Chicago Fire midfielder Cuauhtemoc Blanco will not be able to play with his team this Friday because he has not yet recovered from a strained left hamstring.

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