Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Favre Meets the Packers

Brett Favre just got more interesting that ever. The first ever quarterback to be able to beat all of thirty two National Football League teams, he is currently with Minnesota Vikings, and the last, and definitely high in his list of teams to beat, the Green Bay Packers, which they have beaten, so Favre can now definitely say that he is the only NFL quarterback to have beaten all of the NFL teams in the league.

During the game with the Packers, Favre felt awkward at times. His first scoring toss was an uncomfortable body bump with Ryan Longwell, who was also a Packer player in the past.
When the Packers, who were on a two on two score, stuffed Peterson with a newly planned defense technique, they were able to hold him down to twelve yards in the second half of the game.

Even rookie player, Clay Matthews joined in the tackle and was able to rip the ball out, and tying the score at fourteen points.

Favre felt that that type of performance could have still been improved, but then again, the outcome was still good.

Favre justified comments made about his decision to retire, and saying that the reason he did not push for his retiring is for him to be able to seek revenge over his team, the Packers.

When asked about the game, Favre said that he felt the same intense feelings he had when he played the night after his father died. It was an strong, intense and emotional game then, and he felt the same way now. After his father died in two thousand three, Favre played on a Monday night against Oakland, and he performed one of his best games ever. He was able to throw for three hundred and ninety nine yards, and scored four touchdowns.

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