Friday, September 4, 2009

Yankees Outwits Red Sox

The Yankees were able to score 2-0 against the Red Sox which took place Friday night. Alex Rodriguez was able to do a home run which of course helped their team win against the Red Sox. According to Mr. Rodriguez, the Red Sox and the Yankees were able to play a very remarkable game and indeed their team is lucky since they were able to hit the last one. One would be able to see on the 15th inning that it was the part of the game wherein both had a difficult time scoring. This in turn has turned out to be a match up that is scoreless and may be considered the longest one. It has been such a long time since this instance happened between the Yankees and the Red Sox. At around 12:42 in the morning, this was the time when Alex Rodriguez was able to do a homer, and went against Junichi Tazawa.
Aside from all of these things, one would be able to see how important this game was for both teams, like for instance, the Yankees considered this particular game, the kind that would surely be difficult to become defeated by the opposing team. The moment that the Yankees won, the crowd that was present during the game could not stop but celebrated as this team won for the fifth consecutive time. All the fans felt really victorious and happy for the team, knowing how intense and how well-played the game was.
For the Red Sox, one of most striking moments was the instance wherein Victor Martinez, one of its players, was able to do a nice hit but was caught by Eric Hinske. Because of this, almost the whole crowd that was present in the game was in awe of what they were able to witness.

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