Friday, September 11, 2009

Kansas Wizards blows off Seattle Sounders

Saturday night, Qwest Field in Kansas City was filled with 28,000 wild, beer-drinking, football crowd. This is Sounders FC’s fourth game for the season and they were facing Kansas FC. Even with the absence of their top scorer they still managed to secure their first three games. Yet their streak ended with Kansas due to the ejection of their goal keeper and Captain Kasey Keller. This provided leverage for the home team for a 1-0 win over Sounders which now suffers their first loss in MLS history.
Kasey Keller, a 39-yr old veteran, was sent off the game with 29 minutes in the game after going out of the penalty box to tackle the Wizards midfielder, Herculez Gomez. Gomez kicked the ball towards Keller’s hands so the referee gave Keller a red card after ruling out that it touched his hands. This ejection became Kansas’ hole to put in a goal.
After Keller’s ejection, Sounder’s had no choice but to put in Ben Dragavon because of the absence of the other goalkeeper, Chris Evanlander who was out because of a nkee injury. Dragavon was not even in the roster and was only in the first four weeks of the season. Plus, Sounder’s was one man short with only playing with 10 men on the field.
It is obvious that Sounders was in a handicapped match without a scorer and an ejected goal keeper Montero of Sounders still managed to make attempts and created some opportunities to score but with only 10 players, they were shut down by the Wizards.
Eighty minutes into the game, as defenders are out of positions, the Wizard’s Davy Arnaud kicked the dagger from 30 yards which was almost deflected by Dragavon. This secured the win for Kansas Wizards and the first loss of the season for Seattle Sounders.

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