Thursday, April 26, 2012

UEFA 2012 strides to promote friendship irrespective of race, religion and nationality

The 2012 UEFA EURO has set unity in diversity or a sense of friendship between multiple cultures as their goal. To ensure that this friendly atmosphere prevails they have taken initiative to display their symbol to schools, social service organizations, clubs, pubs etc thus inviting all the common people to this program.

Their advertisements are also being exhibited in the websites of Ukraine and Poland. Respect being the keyword of this initiative, UEFA along with the partnership of FARE has established their influence all over the two countries.

The prime principle of “inclusive zone” program is to create an environment of brotherhood among all the prevailing demarcations irrespective of nationality, cultural background, religion, gender and sexuality. Since Ukraine and Poland are the ones who are hosting this program, the authorities are highly enthusiastic about his initiative.

Mobile messaging also enabled to establish connection with other countries. The tour trucks will be visiting various cities of the countries and host events and let every people participate in the program. One of the officials mentions in his speech, “We are expecting about 200, 00 people to turn up in the event and ventilate their support for this program”.

The visiting tour buses will be indulging in educational events, community activities and create an environment of festivity and frolic. Program that are to be held in the other cities are already ready to be executed under the authority of UEFA, FARE, sponsors to put forth a challenge against race discrimination and promote nationalism.