Monday, January 16, 2012

Lopez seems ready for the rematch with Salido

Normally, it has been seen that the winner of the previous boxing match emerge as a winner in rematches. The main reason behind this is the memory as well as the confidence gained from the last fight. No matter, whether the player has come with a full-proof game plan, but he still loss and some people predict the same result for Juan Manuel Lopez
(28 Ko’s, 31-1). He is going for a rematch with Orlando Salido (25 KO’s, 37-11-2) after his defeat in the previous match. Their match will be held in Puerto Rico and it is scheduled on March 10.
Bob Arum, Lopez’s promoter made a wrong move, when he matched Lopez with Salido. Actually, he thought that Lopez would be able to handle Salido similar to the way in which Yuriorkis Gamboa did seven months ago. However, the same did not happen with the case of Lopez, who was not able to match up to the power and skills of Mexican Salido. There were many Puerto Rican fans of Lopez, who thought that there was no need of stopping the fight, but some thinks that it was the right move, as Lopez was not able to tackle the blows of Salido.
Now, when Lopez is ready to take on Salido one more time to get back his title of WBO (World Boxing Organization) featherweight, it will be interesting to see what will happen in the coming match on March 10. Loyal fans of Lopez will definitely be there for the fight, but the result is pretty clear. Salido emphasized that he is a better fighter than Lopez, and a rematch is going to be a bad idea for Arum. Lopez will have to fight over six rounds devoid of gassing, if he wants to win the match against Salido.
The former champion is already preparing himself for the match against Salido, as Salido stopped him from winning the featherweight title in Bayamon. Bob Arum also discussed the official date of the match with Showtime, and it seems that Showtime wants the rematch. Lopez’s fans feel let down after the first match, and they hope to see their champion back on the ring as soon as possible. Lopez should take advantage of this rematch to regain his lost confidence and he even looks stronger and bigger as compared to his earlier fight with Salido. If he stick in some rounds, then there will be more chances of his winning the fight.

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