Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Betting live at sporting events

These days modern technology has allowed punters to be able to take their betting
to a whole new level. Some years ago the betting exchanges allowed punters to bet
in running. This practice is extremely hazardous for one simple reason; this is to do
with not all punters being able to see what is going off at the same time. If you are
watching sporting events live then you will be at least several seconds behind what
is actually happening at the event itself because television feeds do have some short
delay to them.

The size of this delay varies based on where you are getting your signal from.
Terrestrial television usually has the shortest delay with cable television the longest.
This is a huge factor in running because you could be placing and taking bets with a
huge advantage or disadvantage. In fact some years ago there were cases of punters
losing money on betting exchanges backing horses to win after they had already
fallen. These events were obviously taken from steeplechase and hurdles events but it
does highlight how the delay in feed from your television will have a huge impact on
your ability to successfully make money in running.

It is for this exact reason why many street wise punters insist on betting live
and by actually being present at live sporting events when they bet. This would give the punter several seconds of advantage over
many betting exchange users or any punter who was using an online site that was
allowing bets in running. It takes dedication to attend live sporting events because
many of them will not be local to where you live. But imagine if you were on the 16th
tee at a major Golf tournament in the final round when the leader by one shot put his
tee shot into the rough?

Modern technology allows punters to get online access to betting exchanges anywhere
in the world and this is a huge advantage when it comes to making money. To be able
to get access to this kind of speed advantage over fellow punters and even over many
betting firms is a key issue here. To be able to gain an advantage in sports betting then
you need to be able to get yourself into a situation where you are using information
that few other people have access to or are utilising to their advantage in that way.

There will be many other people who will be present at these sporting events but
the overwhelming majority of them will not be doing what you are doing. How
many bookmakers or people on betting exchanges will be present at live sporting
events? The punters who are prepared to travel to live events and get themselves into
situations that are crucial then money can certainly be made. This is especially the
case with favourites because if anything happens to them then their odds can jack
knife in no time.

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