Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Round for CBA Talk by Unions for Avoid Lockout

Buyer still looking for Good deal:
Agreement is ended to June 30, 2011 and because of this, there is cretin abatement in this, firstly it was scheduled on November3. Finally it will go for further process until January but there are still many buyers who are looking out for good deal.
The players lost their three hundred million dollar salary so far. It is very first time that any player spoken against union. Some new player asks directly best interests. Big team player are try to save out their good contacts rather than looking in to this kind of things, and they use Larry Bird exception because of that they will get benefit.
Star Player doesn’t want to show individual income:
It is happen because some star players don’t want to mix the payment, what they get as individual and from all staff in actually few person get benefit.
Finally all authority of NBA and its player and association recently make meeting to New York City and they try to make proper bargaining agreement, all are in favor to make a good and proper bargaining document which is really meaningful.
On behalf of NBA authority Mr. Mike said that last session includes direct dialogue and there are still some key point issues which will discuss in next December.
NBA Announcement:
NBA spokesman Mike Bass says Thursday's session included "frank and direct dialogue" of some key issues and the sides agreed to meet again in December.
In fact this CBA goes expiring in 30 June 2011 and owner lookout for some big changes from $700 to $800 million payout, which is already declared by commissioner Mr. David stern declare last month.
So finally both discussions are started and they are keeping dialogue to each other regarding to solve this issue. I hope they will be succeeding me making out Good conclusion. Because if lockout happens then it is not beneficial to anyone players worker and team owners all get affected financially.
One positive sign I seen, all looking for solving this lockout matter and it is really appreciated.

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