Monday, November 1, 2010

Injury troubles for LeBron in NBA Basketball

LeBron has had to sit out a game due to a hamstring injury. It remains to be seen whether this is going to be a long term thing or whether it is going to fizzle out in due course. The Miami Heat team managed to hold off the New Orleans Hornets despite the absence of LeBron James due to a hamstring injury. This happened during an exhibition game earlier one and it is not yet clear how this bit of news is going to affect the rest of his season given the central role that he plays in the team as a whole.
This has been reported by the team in advance when they said that he would not be making an appearance. However he remains on standby as soon as he recovers. This was not a freak accident because it is very hard to avoid the hamstring. The alternative is to stop playing altogether but that is not a feasible solution in the circumstances. The game requires that the players give a good account on all fronts. The team will mix LeBron because of the skills that he brings to the pitch. The ratings might also suffer when one of their favorite players is unable to make it in terms of the play that is available. That would be unfortunate.
According to the reports LeBron started cramping when he left the game with a Russian team known as CSKA. He joins Dwyane Wade in the hamstring injury list. This is a loss to the game because these two are great fixtures on the circuit and they bring a certain glamour that is beyond the other players. This incident might be temporary but the effects can already be felt across the game in general. The hamstring is the bane of many sports people. Many can testify to the fact that it can be one of the debilitating things on the circuit. When it takes out one of the celebrity players then the game is left with a second rate reputation. That is not good for the overall development of the sport.

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