Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Banning Grunting From Wimbledon

I have always been a big tennis fan. I played in high school on the tennis team and even more in college. It is a very underrated sport I think. I will admit that I used to watch tennis more often on TV than I do today (and it is a shame too because the women today are very attractive). Gone are the days of long volleys and baseline play, especially on the guys side of the draw. But I could live with that, and would still watch. What I can't live with is the outrageously loud grunting that is allowed during play. I know darn well you can hit a tennis ball hard without grunting. Rackets are lighter so it is not like you are wielding a heavy object that takes Herculean strength to brandish.

Baseball players swing hard and pitchers throw awful hard, never heard 'em grunt. Tiger Woods swings his sticks with a ton of force - again no grunting (although he was wincing in pain). I grunt like that when I walk but that is because I am fat, these guys and gals are in perfect condition and have no reason at all, whatsoever, to grunt other than to distract the opponent and make the sport absolutely unwatchable on TV without the mute button (which is a shame because then you miss the witty commentary of John McEnroe).

Now I know I am not breaking new ground here but some new ground or turf does need to be broken. Wouldn't it be great to see them ban grunting at Wimbledon for the nationally televised games. New rule, you can't play on center court if you are going to sound like an elephant in heat. Seems like a good rule to me, but what do I know.

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